African Tech Startup Companies Improving People’s Lives

african tech startup companies improving peoples lives

There is a modern-day scramble for Africa which has nothing to do with colonization. There has been an increase in the life expectancy in Africa. The technology ecosystems have replicated that. There is an increase in the rise of the tech firms in major cities in Africa. Various tech startups have been seen to keep rising. Some of the best tech startup businesses are mentioned in the article.



It was previously stated to be one of the hottest tech startups by Forbes. The firm based in Lagos is transforming the services industry. The needs of the customer are matched with the suppliers available on the platform. Nigeria has a large population and markets that are scattered. Therefore, a simple task like finding an electrician is not simple. VConnect works to lessen the burden of looking for a service provider.



After the firm had raised 500 thousand dollars in the real estate market in Ghana, it was featured in Forbes. Real estate experts and landlords are accessing free services in its platform. They make the experience of finding prospective buyers and tenants fast and straightforward. MeQasa showcases some of the houses that are available for purchase and rent.



The Flutterwave offers a payment infrastructure that is customer-friendly. There is a range of services provided by the platform that allows the global merchants and financial programs accept different payment methods. The firm eliminates the barrier in receiving and making payments. They work by bringing various methods of payment into one point.

Sliide Airtime

sliide airtime

Sliide Airtime is a startup in mobile advertising. It provides individuals with free airtime when they engage in the branded content and the news that is delivered to the screen lock of their mobile phones. 65% of the revenues they get from advertising are used to buy mobile data for the users. In 2017, it was named the Most Innovative App in the Mobile World Congress awards. In the 2016 Apps Africa awards, it was titled Africa’s Best App.



Printivo firm ships express orders for the materials that are printed across Nigeria. The company works with other firms like Uber, Samsung and Google. In 2016, the company beat 31 other Nigerian startups at the Nigerian Startup Matchup competition and was named The Most Investable in Nigeria.



The firm works to maximize people’s health. The knowledge and understanding of the biology of systems and the human physiology are brought together. They then deliver digital biomarkers that are suited for a specific person. The firm was launched in 2015 at the Las Vegas CES show. Clients can have a better understanding of their body and fitness due to the combination of the sensors and bio-mathematical modelling.

African Farmers beating diseases and drought

More than half of the population in Africa lives in the rural areas. These people depend mostly on agriculture. It is vital that the productivity is boosted and the access to the modern equipment is improved. Aerobatics is the company that has considerably helped the African farmers. The company that was founded by James Peterson works to fix some of the major problems using artificial intelligence. The company aims at offering a bird’s eye surveillance of the farms. The drone startup firm uses drones, satellite and mobile phones in the prediction of the crop health. The company’s app Aeroview is where these results are presented.

The longer-term trends are highlighted using satellite footage. They also use drone technology ( flows at particular points during the season so that they get information that is more detailed. The data received is analyzed to highlight the areas with poor performance. They can also diagnose those issues caused by diseases, lack of water or nutrients, and pests.


Africa has numerous notable startups in various fields. Some of these companies are not mentioned in the article. However, the changes happening in Africa cannot be ignored. Therefore, investors should wake up and choose to invest in Africa.