Welcome to our blog where you can educate yourself about how you can successfully start up your own business in the beautiful land of Africa. The market here is huge and with a bit of a useful advice you could start your own business and do what you do best.



One of our most important services is what we call business proposals in Africa. By studying your business portfolio, we can give you a recommendation that complements your business strategy.


We are dealing with startup tips and advice and we offer to list the best startup list that would suit your business expertise. Tell us what you are specialized in.


There are many ways how you can raise capital and distribute your products here. We are here to help you out with finding the best ways to promote your business.


We are following the entrepreneurs from all corners of the continent and we are exposing how to generate your business ideas for a startup, as well as, how to formulate your business plans, distribute your products and raise your capital.


We are a team of experienced businessmen who are solely dedicated to the full development of young business startup campaigns and business strategies that would result in the accumulation of capital and wealth. We take the business ideas from people who are looking for opportunities and turn them into reality.


Matt Grant

Our IT specialist is known by his reputation of being one of the most professional guys in IT. He takes care of all IT services that we offer to clients.


Max Smith

In order to give useful advice to our clients, out business strategist is an experienced banker and he knows the current events in markets all over the world, including Africa.


Linda Lyn

Every man who is seeking for the startup opportunity in Africa will need someone to do the accounting services for him. We can provide the right person for the job.


This blog is entirely dedicated to the business startup tutorials and education for all opportunists who decided to seek their luck on the vast and beautiful continent of Africa. The land of the sun offers a wide range of opportunities.